Horror games can be some of the most exhilarating games to play. The creepy atmosphere, awesome scares, and general spookiness are what keeps bringing me back to the genre. But this made me think, what are the top 5 horror games that are worth revisiting? So I did my best to reach out to fellow gamers and get their answers and this is what was said the most!

5. Dead Space

Another classic survival horror game, Dead Space is a great atmospheric game every corner you turn you are worried about seeing a Necromorph. You’re stranded on an overrun mining spaceship and have to fight your way out. Overall I think the atmosphere of the game truly makes it. Playing with lights off, headphones on can definitely pull you into the game and make you feel you are there.

Top 5 Horror Games

4. Clock Tower: The First Fear

An old school point and click game. Clock Tower: The First Fear is an awesome survival horror game. You control Jennifer Simpson as you explore the mansion otherwise known as the Clock Tower. The gameplay is what you would expect from a point and click, moving left and right while investigating different objects and the rooms of the mansion. Clock Tower also was different from other games of the time as it added a stalker who pursues the character throughout the game. Overall the game is definitely worth going back to play or play for the first time. That’s why this cult classic is on our Top 5 Horror Games to revisit.

Top 5 Horror Games

3. Fatal Frame

The Fatal Frame series is beloved by many. With the last game coming out in 2015 most of the younger generation probably hasn’t played any which is a shame. The games are survival horror games where you use a Camera Obscura, objects created by Dr. Kunihiko Asou that can capture and pacify spirits. While the environments change from game to game the premise stays the same, plenty of ghosts will get in your way and your only line of defense is your Camera Obscura. While damage levels differ based on angle and distance you’re looking for the Fatal Frame which is when you hit the ghost’s weak spot. Worth playing again for sure.

Top 5 Horror Games

2. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

Being Nintendo’s first M-rated game it had to be good right? Well, it was, while the game has similar a playstyle as Resident Evil with a few major features separating it like the “sanity effects.” While not a commercial success it was very highly reviewed. You’ll play through the game controlling several characters as you try to defeat a powerful entity who is trying to enslave all of humanity. With such high ratings there’s no reason not to try the game.

Top 5 Horror Games

1. Silent Hill 2

I love spooky games and this was my first real spooky game. Silent Hill 2 is truly unrelentingly suspenseful and provides great enemies. The game truly does such a good job of providing both scares and a number of themes that aren’t always the easiest to portray. It’s a survival horror game where you’re searching for your wife in the spooky place that is Silent Hill. If you haven’t played Silent Hill 2 you’re truly missing out and if you have you still should go back and do a playthrough if you can! Silent Hill 2 made it on my list of Top 5 PS2 Games of all time as well as my Top 5 Horror Games to revisit.

Top 5 Horror Games

Top 5 Horror Games You Should Revisit

I hope my list brings back some nostalgia as well as maybe a new game for you to try. I myself am going to go back and probably play all 5 games. We often forget the old games that made us happy so long ago, it’s great to look back and enjoy the things we once did. If you have any other older horror games you think you should be on the list let me know, I love talking to fellow gamers about their thoughts especially on horror!

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By Zach Yagle

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