The official New War trailer has been released at this year’s TennoCon. Check it out below.

Digital Extremes has finally unveiled its next major expansion for Warframe: The New War. Although this expansion was technically announced years ago, this massive expansion has been delayed many times due to COVID-19. Finally, the exciting new expansion is making its way to our screens very soon.

The New War is the next continuation of Warframe’s storyline. To top that off, it’s the biggest quest Warframe has ever experienced. For those of you who aren’t well versed in the lore of Warframe, I’ll try it give you a quick summary.

The New War Trailer Breakdown

The Origin System, (where the Tennos reside) is being invaded by a ravenous army of machines called Sentients. The sentients only goal is to eradicate all life. I know, it sounds pretty intense. The quest takes place on Earth, where the human colony of Cetus has been destroyed by a Sentient invasion.

The New War trailer kicks off with a cutscene of Cetus being demolished by Sentients. You see a human child come face-to-face with these horrifying machines.

One of the main features of The New War is the ability control other frames besides the one you’re currently using. In the trailer, we see the players quickly assume the role of Grineer soldiers fighting the Sentients on the Plains of Eidolon.

Right away, the first thing I thought about was how far Warframe has come since I started playing it over 5 years ago. The New War really captivated me and it the trailer felt like a completely different game.

Warframe's The New War Expansion Trailer Finally Revealed 1

As the trailer progresses, the player switches perspectives to a Corpus engineer named Veso as he fights to survive in oribt around Earth.

Vesa has his own unique abilities (like having a Moa robot campanion.) Later on, the demo has the player controlling Teshin, a character from Warframe’s previous story quests. Teshin is a master swordsman that infiliated a Sentient waarship with the goal to sabotage it from the inside.

Even though the The War expansion isn’t open world like its predecessors, it still has an enormous amount of content with “a few hundred pages” of script writing bult in. I know I can’t wait for the The New War and all the exciting content it has to offer!

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