The new Among Us Airship map is finally out and it’s huge! The map itself seems great so far and has added quite a few new tasks to the game. Not only will we take a look at the map itself but we will give you the rundown on all the new tasks and how to complete them!

The Map

among us airship map

The new Among Us Airship map is by far the biggest map we have had so far. Getting used to the layout can also be somewhat difficult as the map also adds new rooms. Those rooms include Cockpit, Cargo Bay, Viewing Deck, Armory, Vault, Brig, Gap Room, Records, and Lounge. As you can tell that’s quite a bit of new rooms to learn. Not only do we have those rooms though we also have rooms that were already previously seen in other maps. I recommend taking a few games or at least some time just to walk around and really get orientated.

among us airship map

With so many rooms it’s hard to get all around the map but to help us out with that you are able to choose from 3 different starting rooms after each meeting. Knowing where your tasks are will be important, overall I think the addition of picking where you start is great for both imposters and crewmates alike. Imposters don’t have to start with literally everyone else there and crewmates can use it to get their tasks done quicker.

among us airship map

Moving around the map is also a little different on the Among Us Airship map as there are both ladders and a moving platform. There are a couple of different ladders spread across the map and are pretty self-explanatory. The moving platform is in Gap-room and will only be on one side. Once you take it over people on the other side will be out of luck and have to make the long trip around.


There are plenty of tasks that return from the other Among Us maps. However, since we all know of those already we are just going to take a closer look at the new tasks that came with the new Among Us Airship map.

Reset Breakers

among us airship map

Reset Breakers is one of the longer tasks. While not hard within itself the fact you have to reset so many means that while you’re running around you are an easy target for imposters. You must find and reset each breaker in order from 1 to 7. To reset it you simply pull down on the lever. Luckily if you are interrupted during the task the ones you already pulled down stay so you don’t have to restart.

Empty Garbage

among us airship map

Empty Garbage can be in any of three places, Kitchen, Main Hall, and Medical. I actually really enjoy this tasks while easy it’s actually really fun. You click the strings at the top of the garbage bag and shake it to get it out.

Put Away Pistols/Rifles

Among Us Airship Map

I put these two together because one they are essentially the same tasks just with different guns and then two they are also in the same location. Both tasks can be found in the Armory on the left side of the map and are also super simple. All you have to do is click on the table with the guns two for the rifles and 4 for pistols then bring them to the left and drag them up to their racks.

Sort Records

among us airship map

Sort Records has a few different looks. You can either have the files like seen above or the binding of books. Either way the task is easy enough to understand, you pick up a record from the table in the middle of the records room and bring it to its designated area. Once there simply click on the empty space and go back for the other records.

Rewind Tapes

among us airship map

Rewind Tapes is located in security and is at least a task you actually have to pay attention to. The goal is to get the number on the bottom to match the number on the tape. To do so you either have to rewind or fast forward to get the number to match. If you go past don’t worry you can rewind or fast forward again but either way you will have to actually pay attention to the numbers.

Unlock Safe

among us airship map

Probably the hardest of the new Among Us Airship map tasks is “Unlock Safe.” Your goal is to use the combination that pops up to unlock the safe and get the goodies. While doing so you want to hold down on the turn dial and just follow the directions of the numbers and arrow, such as 5 right. The combination will go from right to left back to right and once you get the combination in you can turn the big handles and you’re in!

Polish Ruby

among us airship map

One of my personal favorites out of all of the new tasks that came with the Among Us Airship map is “Polish Ruby” simply due to the sound alone. Located in the Vault the Ruby will have some smudges on it. All you have to do is use your cursor and rub out the smudges.

Dress Mannequin

among us airship map

Again one of my other favorites from the new Among Us Airship map is “Dress Mannequin.” The task itself is full of variety and offers some fun clothes to put on the Mannequin. Dress Mannequin is also in the vault right next to Polish Ruby. I think a fun and cool idea the devs could do is add possible new clothing for the game and have people be able to get a first look in the task.

Fix Shower

among us airship map

As you can imagine the “Fix Shower” task is in showers. I’ve seen quite a few people be confused when they first see this task. When you get it though it’s a piece of cake. Your goal is to get the shower head to be in the middle. You want to charge the power based on how much it’s away from the middle. If it’s all the way to the left or right feel free to give it a big red hit, if not hit it with green or yellow.

Pick Up Towels

among us airship map

Also in the showers is the “pick up towels” task. Your fellow crewmates are clearly not the most tidy people, there are towels thrown everywhere in the showers your job is to pick them all up then bring them to the dirty towel hamper located near the top exit of showers. I like to have a little fun with it and try and make some cool trick shots off the top of the screen.


among us airship map

A quick and easy task, Decontaminate is in the main hall just left of showers and simply there to tell you to shower. You walk up and it cleans you that’s it, that is the whole task.

Stabilize Steering

among us airship map

Another super easy tasks Stabilize steering is in the Cockpit of the left side of the map. All you have to do is drag the lever on the left to match the green arrow then rotate the steering wheel to match the outline.

Make Burger

among us airship map

One of my favorite of the new tasks on the Among Us Airship map is “make burger”. You do exactly what it says you make a burger based on a paper that they give you. There are different ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, and lettuce. Ironically enough we have seen quite a few meatless “burgers.”

Clean Toilet

Fun New Among Us Airship Map Everything You Need To Know! 1

One of the weirder new task is Clean Toilet. You quite literally have to use the plunger to push down causing the toilet to have enough pressure to clear out. Yea you read that right, you are plunging a toilet. Not only is the task weird but the sounds are almost more weird.

Start Fans

among us airship map

One of the harder of the new Among Us Airship map tasks is definitely “Start Fans.” Located in the Ventilation room you must start on the right side get the code and remember said code. Once you have it you must run all the way around to the left side and put in the code. Be sure not to forget because if you do you’re just going right back to try and remember it again.

Develop Photos

among us airship map

Finally we have my favorite of all the new Among Us Airship map tasks that were added, “Develop Photos.” As someone who loves photos seeing that kids might actually have at least some understanding of a dark room just makes me happy. I also love that the dark room truly is dark and limits the visibility of the crewmates. To do the task you must drop the photos in the tub and wait 60 seconds. Once you come back take them out and you’re good.

Among Us Airship Map

The new map has definitely taken the Among Us world by storm, plenty of streamers took to making lobbies and enjoying what the Among Us Airship Map has to offer. I love to see how much was added to this map from the movement things to the tasks. Adding new content is for sure what can keep Among Us popular and this will add some life to the game without a doubt. If you’re interested in Among Us stats check out our post on the information we got about the game in 2020.

Also if you haven’t already, jump into a streamer’s chat and watch their games. Not only is it super entertaining but you can get some great ideas for different ways to play the games with your own friends as well. We love getting a group together and playing with our friends! If somehow you haven’t yet you can get the game here, now is the perfect time with the new Among Us Airship map just coming out.

By Zach Yagle

Zach, a 26-year-old living in Denver, Colorado, shares a deep passion for video games that has been a constant source of joy and inspiration throughout his life. Since his childhood, Zach has immersed himself in the world of gaming, exploring a wide range of titles across various platforms.

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