Valve just made an update and the CS:GO bots removed from competitive play has everyone scratching their head.

While there has been plenty of talk about changing bots in some way for a while, the community definitely isn’t happy with the complete removal. Generally, before the update, if you were in a competitive game and someone left or was kicked they would be replaced by a bot. This was helpful as when someone dies they could then take control of the bot keeping the game as close to 5v5 as possible.

cs:go bots

Much of the reason for talking about changing it was due to the fact people weren’t scared to kick someone who was performing poorly as to give one of the better players a second life. Obviously, this could cause some problems. Everyone has a bad game every once and a while and to be kicked early in a game because of that seems very unfair.

While this will stop that it doesn’t address if someone leaves at all. If someone does end up losing you are now just stuck in a hard set 4v5 which is also clearly unfair. There is much thought that this came about due to what happens in Valorant. The only difference in Valorant is that when someone does leave the remaining teammates are given extra money to try and help make up for it. This doesn’t seem to be happening in CS:GO so the move just seems very questionable.

cs:go bots

I both hope and assume some other minor changes will happen in the future for the CS:GO bots but only time will tell. Until then I think you will continue to see most of the community be annoy and displeased with Valve’s move. The question then becomes will more people move over to Valorant? With the games being so similar and sharing a community already a big change like this that essentially no one likes may cause more people to switch games. Valve should listen to the feedback of their community and make changes quickly or I fear the game will fall even more out of favor.

In Other News

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By Zach Yagle

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