Although already a powerful tool, Epic acquires RAD to improve its Unreal Engine.

Epic Games made a strategic move that is likely to improve its top-tier Unreal Engine. RAD game tools has been used to improve loading times of popular games like Epic’s Fortnite. RAD appears in over 25,000 games and is used by some of the top gaming companies around the world.

Epic Acquires RAD Game Tools To Improve Its Unreal Enginge 1

Even though the Unreal Engine is already incredibly powerful Epic Games has no plans to slow down now. The implementation of RAD into the Unreal Engine will benefit both developers and gamers by speeding up development time and providing new features for gamers to enjoy. Epic Games isn’t a stranger to RAD, though. Epic has taken advantage of RAD’s compression technology to improve Fortnite’s loading times. Because of Epic’s familiarity with RAD, the integration process shouldn’t be too hard.

Epic is looking in to the future and working to make the sure Unreal is up the task of being a go-to engine for future game development. As games closer to photorealism, Epic understands developers will want the best compression software available that won’t compromise on textures and quality of their assets. It looks like RAD will play a big part in this future-proof strategy.

RAD won’t only be about compression of course. The powerful software will help with rendering, audio, and animations for the Unreal Engine. Even though Epic has acquired RAD, it will continue to work in any existing games, tv shows, or films it’s already being used in.

Epic Games seems to be working on some big strategic projects lately. Epic recently bought a mall with almost a million square feet for its new company HQ.

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