CD Projekt Red delivered a whopping 16 free DLCs for The Witcher 3. We’re hoping Cyberpunk 2077 will follow suit. We should expect the first Cyberpunk 2077 free DLC in early 2021.

Let’s face it, the release of Cyberpunk 2077 was a disaster. With CD Projekt Red offering refunds to people who were dissatisfied with the game, it’s now in overdrive trying to fix its wrongs. The website for Cyberpunk 2077 has been refreshed with a new page that highlights the future of the game and the new DLC.

According to the site, the “free DLC starts hitting Night City early 2021”, indicating we should be expecting it to arrive in Q1 2021.

cyberpunk 2077 free dlc early 2021

CD Projekt Red revealed back in September it would be revealing the roadmap of Cyberpunk 2077 as the game matures. It said we can expect one similar to The Witcher 3. If that holds true, we could see two bigger paid DLCs with smaller, free ones getting added every month or so.

The first expansion won’t be any time soon as they have a lot to work on for now. However, come fall 2021, we should start to see movement on the first expansion for Cyberpunk 2077. If the size is anything to go by of The Witcher 3 expansions, each one will add about 20-30 hours of gameplay.

The DLC will likely arrive similarly timed to the large patches that will fix a lot of the problems players have been having with performance and last-gen nightmares.

For the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC players, the game wasn’t nearly as awful an experience as it was on last-gen consoles. The game itself is fun and we hope CD Projekt Red can deliver on fixing the game. We’re still excited for the first Cyberpunk 2077 free DLC and any new updates that hit Night City.

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