EA bought Codemasters, a UK gaming company that is mainly known for racing games. EA paid a staggering $1.2 billion for the company and wants “to lead the video game racing category,” according to a press release they had.

Codemaster are the developers of some really solid racing games such as Formula One, Dirt, and Dirt Rally. Add in EA’s massively successful Need For Speed franchise and you have a pretty good set of racing games already.

ea bought codemasters

Obviously, EA’s huge company will help with things like marketing and actual publishing of the game. Hopefully, Codemasters will still be able to perform as they have with little interference from EA themselves. EA’s subscription service will also be getting to add the Codemasters games to it which is always a plus!

Hopefully, EA bought Codemasters won’t turn into another company disappearing because of being bought out. We look forward to seeing what Codemasters will be able to put out while under EA!

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By Zach Yagle

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