HaptX is on the cutting-edge of wearable VR tech and haptics. It looks to meet the increasing demand of enterprise clients in the touch-sensitive realm.

HaptX, a California-based tech company whose primary goal is providing the world with realistic, accurate haptic VR technology. The HaptX Gloves DK2 is the latest iteration of it’s patented hardware that delivers pricise, ultra-sensitive haptic feedback.

Each glove has an astounding 130 points of tactile feedback. With this amount of feedback, the HaptX Gloves DK2 promises a magnitude of precision never delivered before by haptic gloves. These gloves physically displace your skin up to 2mm, simulating what real contact with an object would feel like.

The HaptX gloves use a sophisticated “microfluidic skin” solution that mimics real skin. Combined with the dynamic force feedback of up to 40 lbs per hand, the realism is unmatched. Whenever something is picked up in VR, the HaptX Gloves DK2’s exotendons tighten up, deliverign a sense of resistance and realism never before seen in VR haptics.

new haptx gloves dk2

HaptX also uses a patented magnetic motion tracking software that works flawlessly with the aforementioned tech for an ever more realistic experience.

The current iteration of the HaptX gloves took over seven years of development to get where they are.

“Achieving commercial-scale production of such a complex, novel technology involved innovations in materials, manufacturing processes, pneumatic components, and over countless thousands of man-hours”

Although HaptX has delivered some amazing tech, they weren’t alone in this journey. HaptX and Advanced Input Systems has a partnership that made these gloves possible. AIS helped HaptX produce its microfluid skin at a relatively reasonable, cost-effective scale.

Jake Rubin, the founder of the HaptX Gloves DK2 says they are a “leap forward in what’s possible with VR, XR, and robotics technologies”

As these gloves are designed specifically for training and simulation in mind, many goverments and fortune 500 companies have been purchasing them to use for their workforce.

In 2019, the company secured a whopping $12 million through Series A investment rounds that let HaptX develop the latest iteration of the gloves.

The DK2 is a remarkable improvement over the last generation. It’s weight has been reduced, ergonomics improved, and has room-scale VR support to boot. Not to mention, the SDK allows for multi-user networking with enhanced haptic feedback.

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