One of the most fun VR games is coming to the Oculus Quest in less then two weeks.

One of everybody’s favorite gladiator-inspired VR games, Gorn, is coming to the Oculus Quest on January 28th. Gorn has just recently received its PSVR version and is making its way to the standalone scene.

Gorn’s official Twitter account released some screenshots of the Quest version of the game. Although it seems to be downgraded slightly from the PC version, it still looks really good. When you’re in the middle of intense, brutal combat it’s likely you won’t notice the differences much at all.

Since the release of Gorn a few years ago, it quickly become a smash hit among the VR community. In Gorn, you take the role of a gladiator in a pit and fight waves of enemies.

gorn oculus quest release date

Be prepared to alter your strategy on the spot as your foes will bring different weapons, armor, and ways to defeat you. Don’t worry though, you’ll also upgrade your arsenal and unlock new ways to conquer enemies in combat. There’s no shortage of weapons, either.

We’re glad to know that Gorn Oculus Quest release date is in less than two weeks. We can’t wait to pick it up on our Quests when it’s out!

In other news

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