The developers of Pavlov VR have been busy creating a massive update that will change the way the game is played.

The Pavlov WW2 update is jam-packed with the vehicles, weapons, and maps to recreate the WW2 feel. There’s a lot to cover here, so let’s get started.

Pavlov WW2 Update New Tanks

There have never been vehicles, let alone tanks, in Pavlov until now. These beasts will be multi-crew death machines with a driver, gunner, and commander. The shiny new tanks can be placed in maps by mapmakers with the recently updated modkit so players can choose if and when they want to spawn them. Tanks can be entered by gripping on their step ladders. Your hands will glow blue, letting you know you can now enter.

You won’t be able to enter an enemy tank with unless they allow you to. And let’s be real…would you let your enemy use your tanks? We can’t wait to get hop in a tank with our comrades and wreck havoc in Pavlov.

Pavlov WW2 Update – New Weapons & Maps

Tanks weren’t the only update for this Pavlov WWII update. There’s also new weapons and maps. Many WWII fans will be happy they added weapons from the US, British, Soviet, and of course Axis factions.

Soviet WeaponsTokarev, PPSH, DP27, SVT40, Mosin-Nagant, RGD-33 Grenade, RGD-2 Smoke
Us & British WeaponsWebley, M1 Garand, Sten, Bren, BAR, Thompson, Springfield, Lee-Enfield, M-18 Smoke, MK2 Grenades, PIAT, Bazooka
Axis WeaponsLuger, MP 40, StG 44, MG 42, G43, Stielhandgranate M24, Stielhandgranate M24 smoke, Panzerschreck

Alongside the shiny new weapons, there’s also new player models to get you in the WWII fighting mood.

Pavlov WW2 Update – New Game Modes

With the addition of tanks and more weapons it’s only fitting Pavlov gets some new game modes to boot.

This new mode will be a 20 player 10v10 setting that will bring some intense vehicular warfare. In this mode, there is a unique class that has a blowtorch that lets them repair tanks.

On top of Tank TDM, gun game is getting anew WWII variant. At the start of the game, players will have a rocket battle with plenty of explosive mayhem. After the rocket-fest, it will transition to automatic and semi-auto guns to test your skill with a full aresenal of WWII weaponry.

There’s also a new King of the Hill mode for some intense gameplay you don’t want to miss.

Pavlov WW2 Update – New Maps

It’s no secret many of our Pavlov players love Search and Destroy. The Pavlov devs have been kind enough to remaster two of their most signature maps that many players have grown to love.


Santorini is a Greek-inspired map with some awesome Mediterranean colors and architecture. With a new lick of paint, Santorini is looking better than ever.

Massive Pavlov WW2 Update Adds Maps, Tanks & Weapons 1


Station is an underground grid of US subway stations that interconnect for some fun S&D action. Station is quite the change from it’s sunny, paradisiacal Santorini counterpart. We’re glad it got remastered and looks great.

Massive Pavlov WW2 Update Adds Maps, Tanks & Weapons 2


A lot of the Pavlov players like the Bridge map for its tight, enclosed gameplay that creates natural bottlenecks as the game progresses. This remaster looks gorgeous and only increases the immersion when playing.

Massive Pavlov WW2 Update Adds Maps, Tanks & Weapons 3


Datacenter has been upgraded with new lighting, new decorations and props, and a sweet new cityscape background. Of course, the original layout hasn’t been tampered with. Rumor has it there’s a new way to get from the pillar bombsite to the lower hallway.

Massive Pavlov WW2 Update Adds Maps, Tanks & Weapons 4


The infamous Stalingrad map has also gotten a redo. The new version of the map is the biggest map so far with an intense 15 v 15 setting. The wide open layout will let tanks traverse the battlefield now.

Massive Pavlov WW2 Update Adds Maps, Tanks & Weapons 5

Pavlov WW2 Update – New User Interface

Pavlov players have been asking for a UI for a while now. The Pavlov WW2 update has also brought with it an exciting new UI for players to enjoy. Information should be easier to get to and look more visually appealing. The devs stated they intend for the buy menu to be editable by the modkit so modders can use their custom game modes in the not-so-distant future. Although this UI refresh is great, there will be more functionality added in later updates.


The Pavlov WW2 update is huge! With the addition of new maps, the introduction to tanks, and new weapons to try out, there’s plenty of new content to soak up. We excited to see how players react to the update and if it scratched their WWII itch.

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