It will soon be possible for you and three others to share a single Oculus Quest headset.

As one of the most requested features of the Quest headsets, multi-user support is finally officially coming. Soon, you will be able to share your Oculus Quest headset with friends and family. Instead of messing up each other’s progress and stats, you can finally have your own personal account.

App sharing allows anyone with a login to access VR games and apps purchased or or downloaded on the primary account. Not only that, but you can even earn achievements and save your game progress on separate accounts.

Facebook doesn’t do anything without good reason. They expect the move to multi-user headsets will make the headsets more affordable and accessible. It expects the the transition to multi-user Quest support to help the growth of VR in general. Not only that, it should help with piracy in the future or already “under the table” multi-user setups.

If you’re the primary owner of the Quest, you’ll be able to add up to three secondary accounts per headset. The rollout of this new update will first appear on the Quest 2 and then follow up with on the original Quest later down the road.

Take note, Oculus still says the Quest multi-user support update is in the early stages and will be gathering a lot of user feedback over the next couple of months for potential changes. Oculus already said there’s potential for more users being added in the future but they expect three additional users to be good for now.

The multi-user support update won’t be all sunshine and rainbows for developers, though. With the addition of multiple users per headset, there’s a good chance it would lead to a decrease in in-game sales. Think about it, instead of people buying their own copies of a game, they can just share a game together. There’s a good chance it doesn’t affect sales too much, but it’s definitely something to take note of.

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