Niantic the company responsible for the huge mobile gaming hit Pokémon Go announced their first game in partnership with Nintendo a Niantic Pikmin AR game. This is said to be the first of many AR games made in partnership with Nintendo.

Kei Kawai, vice president of Product Management made the announcement on the official Niantic blog, saying: “The app will include gameplay activities to encourage walking and make walking more delightful.”

I for one am super excited to have another cool game coming out of Niantic. I also used to love to play Pikmin and for me and all of the other fans out there it has been a long 8 years since the last Pikmin game, Pikmin 3. There was an eventual port for the Nintendo Switch but having a full new game even if it is a mobile game will be nice.

Niantic Pikmin

Pikmin was always a game about exploring so it seems to fit well with the AR game category as you’ll likely need to explore your world to play and progress just like Pokémon Go. I am also both excited and curious what those other games are going to be based around but for now am very happy to be getting a Niantic Pikmin AR game!

In Other News

Microsoft is in talks to buy Discord for over $10B.

CR Projekt Red lead gameplay designer for Cyberpunk 2077 also took to Twitter to announce he would be stepping away from the studio.

By Zach Yagle

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