During the Resident Evil showcase we were delightfully told the Resident Evil Village release date will be May 7th, 2021. Preorders for the game will be open today January 21. While not said with the first reveal of Resident Evil Village it does look like the game will be making its way to current gen consoles.

A first look at live gameplay gave us quite a bit to look at. The detail of the world look amazing, the detailing does a great job to make the game feel real. The inventory for the game harps back to the likes of RE4 but adds a crafting system to go with it. The crafting is much of what you would expect from a Resident Evil game. The merchant is also set to make a return as “the duke” an interesting looking character that you will be able to use to buy and sell different items within the game.

resident evil village release date

There will also be a game demo coming. The game demo will put you in the shoes of a character RE devs are calling the “maiden.” While the demo will only be playable on the PS5 as of today, there are supposed to be demos for each other platform by “sometime in the spring.”

While there actually wasn’t too much information released during the Resident Evil showcase we are still very excited for the game none the less. We did get one other tidbit of information about a bonus gift for the 25th anniversary. That gift was RE:Verse but regardless, getting to know the Resident Evil Village release date is good enough for me. We are also excited to get our hands on the demo and can’t wait to share any interesting secrets we can find within it.

In Other News

Valve and a few other game publishers were fined for geo-blocking games in the EU. Gorn a super fun VR game is set to release on Oculus Quest Jan 28th.

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