A new challenger approaches. Sephiroth was revealed to be coming to Super Smash Bros in yesterday’s Game Awards.

The Super Smash Bros community is raving right now. One of the main characters in Final Fantasy VII is headed to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. If you’re hyped for the next part of the FFVII Remake to come out, get a taste of Sephiroth’s awesome combat in Smash.

sephiroth heads to super smash bros ultimate

Now, I shall give Smash despair.

Sephiroth is the third fighter introduced in the Fighters Pass. Before him was Min Min From Arms and Minecraft’s mascots Steve and Alex. The Fighters Pass costs $29.99 for six characters – three of which are yet to be announced. Alternatively, you can pay $5,99 for individual fighters.

From what we saw in the trailer, he will be wielding his long-ass katana and be a menacing duelist. He has a parry and some brutal combos.

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