HINGE VR is the Moscow-based VR arcade, Arcadia’s new trophy. Arcadia is gearing up to release the first part of its new psychological horror series later this month on both Steam and Oculus.

HINGE VR is a Lovecraftian-inspired horror game that seems to be set in a dark, nightmare-fueling building teeming with spooky monsters and creatures ready to give you a heart attack.

Just a couple of months ago Arcadia gave us their reveal trailer but they weren’t showing is any gameplay. This new one shines light on to some of the mechanics, graphics, and what we should be expecting when traveling through the world of HINGE. Oh yeah, the world changes before your eyes as soon as you look away. Pretty creepy if you ask me.

Arcadia depicts HINGE as set in an American metropolis of the early 20th century shortly after the Spanish flu epidemic. How timely. The building’s creator we play in was a peculiar millionaire who was obsessed with the cult. You know, just your typical run-of-the-mill guy.

Arcadia revealed the game happens right after the building’s debut. Something real spooky happened as the building was warped into an “upside-down” equivalent. Man, I hate when my apartment does that.

For the first game in the series, we’ll explore the point-of-view of the first character who dives into unraveling the mystery of the building and supernatural possession. This game is giving me serious CONTROL vibes.

HINGE: Episode 1 is set to debut on Steam and Oculus store on November 27th.

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