Although VR may still be in the early stages, Facebook’s Oculus platform and Son’y PSVR platform have become very profitable for both companies. Sony’s PSVR has proved VR can work on consoles and will only get better with PSVR 2. With Microsoft’s competitors only getting more experience and making VR hardware and games, is Xbox VR going to be a reality any time soon?

xbox vr

With the next-gen consoles almost here, the powerful hardware will be more than capable of a great VR experience. The Xbox Series X and PS5 will be as powerful as a high-end PC. However, Microsoft has been spending a lot of money developing gaming for the upcoming Xbox Series X. I think Xbox wants to make sure they compete with Sony’s well-respected PS5 exclusives in the traditional gaming space before they commit to VR.

Son’y seems to be pretty far ahead of Microsoft in general in regards to VR. It seems like Microsoft is playing the long game and waiting for the hardware and games to mature before they enter the market. Although this isn’t a bad strategy, they will be playing catch up on both fronts, traditional games and VR games.

Xbox has been very incisive in the VR space. They once mentioned VR support was coming to Xbox only to completely withdraw that claim as they didn’t want to “distract developers.” Maybe Xbox isn’t capable of juggling more than one thing at a time?

The People Want Xbox VR

Millions of people will be deciding which next-gen console to buy soon. If you’re a VR gamer or have a minor interest in it, it would make no sense to invest in the Xbox ecosystem. Sony and Oculus have proven there is a growing demand for VR. We believe Xbox needs to act soon or they will fall behind their competitors in big ways. Especially because Oculus Quest 2 is on its way.

If Xbox annouced tomororw they had a VR headset on the way with new Xbox exclusive VR games to bat, I would seriously consider getting the upcoming Xbox Series X. By not acting on it, they’re losing potentially millions of dollars worth of revenue over the lifetime of the Xbox Series X.

We’re curious, what do you think about the possibility of Xbox VR? Is it something you’re interested in? Let us know in the comments below.

By Derek

Derek, a 28-year-old residing in Chicago, IL, is an avid video game enthusiast who has been immersed in the gaming world since his childhood. From the moment he laid hands on his first console, Derek's passion for video games ignited and has continued to burn brightly throughout his life.

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