Netflix is creating a new anime series based on Dota, the popular MOBA. The new trailer that was just released aims to help get us ready for Dota: Dragon’s Blood.

The lore in Dota might be elusive to some of us that are just familiar with the game itself, but we couldn’t be more excited for Dota, Dragon’s Blood to finally bridge that gap in our search for more lore about the world itself.

In this new trailer, SirActionSlacks, Sheer, and ODPixel explain who the ancients actually are and why they seem to need a relentless amount of defending in the first place.

The trailer starts with by going back in time, way back in time. We start off learning about the Primordial Mind, the godlike entity that at the start of the universe itself. After eons of pondering, an intrusive thought struck the Primordial Mind that made it split in two different beings to debate itself.

Eventually, the debate grew more and more intense and the two philosophical beings are known as The Radiant and The Dire that we know and love today.

dota: dragon's blood

Fast forward a long time and we begin the story of following a normal man making his way through the world of Dota. More specifically, Davion, The Dragon Knight. Davion is a well-known hero within the game who is being voice-acted by none other than Yuri Lowenthal.

As of now, we’ve only ever seen the end of Dota, the battle of the ancients. The new Netflix series is going to expand upon the story beforehand and how we got to where we are at today.

The story of Defense Of The Ancients has only taken place in one small battlefield over the last decade. Everything we know and love about Dota has happened within the confines of this tiny area. Dota: Blood Dragon will change everything we know about the lore of Dota and add some much needed depth.

Every single one of the hundreds of heroes within Dota has a story, a life of their own that’s begging for more backstory.

Dota: Blood Dragon premieres March 25th for those of you who are are eager to jump in to the action. We can’t wait to see what this new series will reveal about the world of Dota.

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