With so many acquisitions going on around the world, Niantic just joined the club. Niantic bought Mayhem a competitive gaming platform that was made to gamers create their own communities around popular titles.

While the details haven’t been disclosed Niantic did say they would be keeping the majority of Mayhem’s team. Niantic did say the acquisition “reinforces our commitment to real-world social as the centerpiece of our mission.” Niantic has been acquiring other groups in the past the are focused more around augmented reality which makes sense due to Pokémon GO. It will be quite interesting to see how Mayhem will allow them to improve with a good chance it could go towards their Teams in Pokemon GO if they wanted to.

niantic bought mayhem

Pokémon GO has been Niantic’s main source of revenue but that’s as to be expected with how much of a viral hit it was. It originally came out in the Summer of 2016 but has still managed to stay pretty popular although less than the big boom it had. The game has been consistently updated with fun things to keep the game fresh, like the new addition of North Face and Gucci clothes. It will be interesting to see what Niantic bought Mayhem will really mean for the company and Pokémon GO.

In Other News

Niantic isn’t the only company making moves. Epic Games also just bought a new global HQ. While Nintendo also just acquired Next Level Games the makers of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

By Zach Yagle

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