Earlier this year, Nintendo announced they wouldn’t hold any more Direct presentations for the rest of the year. However, Nintendo still has one last hoorah for their fans. Nintendo’s Indie World will reveal some exciting news.

Nintendo just revealed its latest Indie World showcase that will occur on December 15th. The stream will begin at 12:00 pm EDT and is predicted to last about 15 minutes or so. Nintendo hasn’t officially revealed what games will be revealed, but Indie World will give us “updates and new announcements of indie games” that will debut on the Switch.

Nintendo has become famous for creating high-quality first-party games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or the insanely popular Super Mario Odyssey games. Now that they’re diving deep into the world of Indie gaming, we’re excited to see what new titles are on their way to a Switch near you.

hollow knight indie world

Many players are guessing what’s going on to be announced. I’ve seen many players hoping for Hollow Knight: Silksong or other popular indie titles. There’s a good chance some of these titles will be released the same day as the presentations as they’ve done in the past, like Hades.

Whatever updates we see tomorrow, make sure to check back. We’ll put together a list of all the exciting new reveals and announcements.

In other news

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For you Super Smash players out there, Sephiroth is headed to Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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