The 2016 smash-hit PUBG is set to have two games join its universe in 2021 and 2022. The two new PUBG games were revealed in an interview with Krafton CEO Kim Chang-Han. For those that don’t know Krafton is the holding company that oversees a number of development studios including PUBG Studio.

The two new PUBG games set to be joining PUBG and the previously announced survival horror game The Callisto Protocol are said to be a “new battle royale mobile title” and “another PUBG-related PC and console game.” So obviously we don’t have too much more information about the games but it is nice to know they at least have plans going into the future.

Two New PUBG Games Reportedly Coming IN 2021 And 2022 1

We do however know at least a little more about The Callisto Protocol a game that was of The Game Awards 2020 game announcements. The Callisto Protocol is being made by the devs of Dead Space and looks great. The game will be a single-player first-person survival game that wants to be the single scariest game out there and I hope they can make it happen. The Callisto Protocol quite possibly was my favorite game that was announced during The Game Awards 2020. We are are not quite sure how the game with be connected to PUBG but it was confirmed that it will be.

With a game like The Callisto Protocol being set in the PUBG universe it opens up so many possibilities with what type of games could eventually be connected. I am a big fan of this as one it allows for some great theories out of the gaming community. At the end of the day we will have to wait to find out how it connects exactly but are hoping it does well as I think everyone wants to see the universe grow.

In Other News

If you’re excited for The Callisto Protocol you will probably be interested in the Resident Evil Showcase coming in just a few days.

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