Horizon Forbidden West All New Machines Updated

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As one of the top 5 most anticipated PS5 exclusives, we can’t wait to play as Aloy again and explore the lands of Horizon. During the PS5 showcase, Horizon Forbidden West’s trailer revealed some awesome new machines and familiar ones form Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon: Forbidden West’s reveal trailer was captivatingly stunning with new machines that nested within the Earth, protected the oceans, and even soared in the sky. Take a look at all the new Horizon Forbidden West new machines in all their glory.


Horizon Forbidden West All New Machines Updated 1

As the first new machine introduced in Horizon Forbidden West, Shellsnappers are gigantic, turtle-like beasts that thrive in swampy environments.

These sentinels guard the swamps with their bulky defenses and sharp fangs. We can safely assume it won’t be easy to take down a Shellsnapper.


Horizon Forbidden West All New Machines Updated 2

Flying machines! Sunwings are a new flying type machine that patrol the skies above the Forbidden West land. These machines travel in small groups and remind us of pterosaurs.

From what looks like solar panels on its back, these birds might back a bright punch powered by the sun.


Horizon Forbidden West All New Machines Updated 3

Tremortusks are massive, intimidating machines resembling mammoths. We expect to find these bad boys in the wild, however, in the trailer we see humans control these machines.

We guarantee it won’t be easy to bring tremortusks down. Not to mention, there are humans aboard that will bring their own weapons to the fight.

New Machines To Come

According to Guerrilla Games game director Mathis de Jonge, there will be “dozens of new machines” in addition to the familiar faces we’ve seen in Zero Dawn.

Every machine will need to be overridden to analyze its strengths and weaknesses. As the Horizon Forbidden West new machines are revealed, we will update this list accordingly.

Every new machine adds another layer of excitement as we wait for Horizon Forbidden West to launch! Horizon Forbidden West is expected to launch sometime in 2021, although the exact date isn’t known yet.


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